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The Last Brush

The Last Brush
This is the ultimate grill cleaning brush designed to clean BBQ grills while HOT and without being burned. Other brushes all have the same problem, short bristles, a short handle, grease splatter on your clothing, and a short life expectancy.

Not all barbeque brushes are created equal so we took the bull by the horns and developed the best brush money can buy. For the finest grill brushes and cooking accessories, choose TheLastBrush.
Grill cleaning has never been easier using this brush! Either, remove all residue from your grilling surface with the enlarged scraper blade, then finish brush your grill completely clean or brush clean the surface under heat. It's QUICK, EASY, and EFFECTIVE! Our products are engineered for maximum performance with the following features:
- Long Steel Bristles (1 inch)
- Steel Scraper Head
- 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle
- Leather Strap For Hanging
- Long Lasting
- Inexpensive
- Satisfaction Guaranteed

Remember, a clean grill is a happy grill !!!!!
Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 10 In Stock

Reviews and Ratings

The length is outstanding and it works great. No m

By: Smoking Popes on 07/06/2017 03:09:22 PM

Do yourself a favor and get this brush. The length is outstanding and it works great. No more burning myself cleaning my smoker and grill.

Five Stars

By: Chris Tyler on 06/15/2016 12:08:41 PM

Best grill brush I've ever used!

great when new

By: A. Lyons on 01/27/2016 02:44:37 PM

Wonderful when it's new. Long solid handle gives plenty of leverage, just wish the scraper was wider. However, after just under a year of use the bristles on one side started coming off on my grates. Attached is a picture of the brush after about a year. It's a great idea that really needs improved for longevity. I really thought this company would eliminate the problem of having to buy a new brush every year. No such luck.

starsFive Stars

By: Hurley on 11/21/2015 08:27:12 AM

Great Brush

was a little skeptical but this is really a fantas

By: Jan Auger on 09/25/2015 02:54:09 PM

I was a little skeptical but this is really a fantastic grill brush.

Great grill brush

By: Sabunabu on 08/23/2015 06:11:26 PM

Great grill brush. Used it several times now and it cleans very well. I have not noticed the brush separating and being left on my grill. However, it's brand new so I hope this wouldn't happen yet anyways. We'll have to keep using it and see if this happens. However, it's great as it is right now.

Good purchase!

By: James Barrios on 08/11/2015 10:37:19 AM

Much bigger than I expected, but it's nice that you can stay away from the heat when cleaning. So far it's worked great!

The Last Brush - soooo true!

By: Jordan Doolittle on 05/23/2015 09:18:51 AM

This brush is AMAZING! It cleans deep in the slats on my gas grill, is super strong, and cleaned this entire grill faster than anything. This is waaaaaay better than any other brushes out there. I admit I was skeptical when I ordered it but I'm an instant convert. My wife too thinks this brush is the best. Also, I had a customer service question and got a quick, detailed, and empathetic response. I'm spreading the word on this!

Perfect for large smokers

By: James F. Wadlington on 06/12/2014 02:45:22 PM

This large brush was just what we needed to clean the two large smokers we have at church good buy

Well-made brush with one fault?

By: A. Weed on 05/28/2014 11:14:46 AM

This brush is quality made, and the long handle really helps keep your body and face away from the heat of the grill. It is all wood construction, except for the scraper blade and the wires. It also includes a leather loop at the end of the handle for easy hanging. My only complaint is that the wires are too far apart. They just part over the standard grate rods and don?t scrape the top of the grill grate. I ended up having to wire brush the grate perpendicular to the grate rods which is definitely not as effective.

The Best Brush Ever

By: Roscoe on 03/25/2013 06:27:27 PM

Woah. I needed a great brush and this is the one. The brush is everything it is advertised to be. I'm going to buy a couple more for my businesses. Great brush for the money too !!!

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