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Must Haves

Must Haves

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The Last Brush

This Grill Cleaning Brush Extraordinaire has the following features you will not find on store bought products: - Long Steel Bristles (1 inch) - Steel Scraper Head - 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle - Leather Strap For Hanging - Long Lasting - Inexpensive - Satisfaction Guaranteed - No heat transfer through the handle You will NEVER buy any other brush !!!

Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 10 In Stock
11 Reviews / 4.5 Avg

For those sauce lovers, you need a good mop to coat and paint your meat. Here is the perfect tool for when it's time to slather up your masterpiece. Use this 12 inch mop to get sauce in all the cracks, crevasses, and crevices. This can be used with practically any liquid you want to paint meat with. Because of the wooden handle, we recommend you hand wash it because you know how messy sauces can be - and wood doesn't do well in dishwashers. We've also used this mop for washing dishes. The long handle allows you to get deep inside places where your hand can't fit PLUS, if you like your water really hot, this is the tool. We recommend this mop with all our sauces or for cleanup !!!!!!

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 32 In Stock
GrillMaster Set - Green

This is our Green GrillMaster set containing one Hunter Green Apron, one Grill Cleaning Brush, our SlatherMaster sauce mop, machine washable hand towel, 12 inch stainless steel tongs, metal bucket, and matching green Mug.

Our Price: $39.95
Stock Info: 15 In Stock
GrillMaster Set - Maroon

Maroon GrillMaster set containing Apron, Grill Cleaning Brush, SlatherMaster, machine washable hand towel, 12 inch stainless steel tongs, metal bucket, and Mug.

Our Price: $39.95
Stock Info: 14 In Stock
NON-STICK Vertical Chicken Meal Roaster

NON-STICK VERTICAL CHICKEN MEAL ROASTER Beer Can Capable(Patented). Vertical Chicken Meal Roaster Addition Details: Cooks from the inside out giving you moist, tender, roasted, golden crispy chicken Nonstick vertical chicken cooker Unique center cone can be used for cooking or fill with water or marinade to add savory and subtle flavors

Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 3 In Stock
Glass 'Cookin Wit Gus' Beer Mug - 15oz

Cookin Wit' Gus beer mug - 15oz - Measures 5" W x 5.5 "H - Made of premium glass - Features a sleek and simple body design and ribbed crystal bottom for that enhanced logo accent - Imprinted with our slogan "Life's Good When You're Cookin Wit' Gus" - Comes with an easy-grip handle - Holds up to 15oz - Dishwasher and freezer compatible - Ideal gift option for the griller in all of us - Includes a free green Cookin Wit' Gus bottle opener and whistle

Our Price: $12.95
Stock Info: 37 In Stock
Charcoal Starter Set With Gas Lighter

High quality charcoal starter and butane lighter combination. Charcoal chimney starters are used so that you do not have to taste that horrible lighter fluid flavor in that meat you worked so hard to prepare. Load up to 16oz of briquettes and apply flame from the bottom of the chimney. Once that charcoal is burning, simply transfer it into your grill or smoker and away you go. The butane lighter fits neatly into the holes at the bottom of the chimney allowing you to apply flame directly to the coals. An outstanding value, and better taste of your meal because it tastes like food, not charcoal lighter fluid.

Our Price: $18.95
Stock Info: 9 In Stock
Sauce & Bean Pot with Mop

High quality metal Sauce and Bean Pot combination with Sauce Mop. Grillmasters who sauce their meat will appreciate this combination. This pot is perfect for putting on the grill and keeping the sauce warm. The same holds true for beans. Put them in the pot and keep them warm along with the meat. Perfect combination for anyone brave enough to fire up that grill. The pot is machine washable, the mop should be hand washed due to the wooden handle.

Our Price: $15.99
Stock Info: 7 In Stock
Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle for grinding seasonings. This set is strongly recommended for our rubs because we use no additives or preservatives causing our rubs to clump. It's made of porcelain, is machine washable, and a great value!!!!!! Material of Construction: Porcelain Capacity: 80 ml Inside Diameter: 60mm Color: White

Our Price: $3.49
Stock Info: 23 In Stock

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