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Kebab and Skewer

Kebab and Skewer

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Two Pack Kit - Single NON-STICK Kebab Baskets

Kebab's anyone? Here's a 2 PACK KIT - SINGLE NON-STICK KABOB BASKETS Long Handle For Easy On/Off Use Use this basket next time you make Kebabs and you'll be able to baste them as well. The long handle is perfect for making sure you aren't burned !!! Order Yours Today !!!!!!!

Our Price: $9.95
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DELUXE NON-STICK SHISH KABOB SET. Includes 6 Non-Stick Skewers and Frame Deluxe non-stick shish kabob set Coated with a nonstick finish, this shish kabob frame with skewers cooks kabobs in two different ways. Both slots and holes line each side of the frame. The quickest cooking method is to load the six 13-1/2-inch skewers with chunks of meat and/or vegetables, and lay them on top of the frame in the designated slots. The skewers are then rotated by hand while the frame stays in position. The second method is to insert a skewer part-way into a hole on the side, push it through the desired chunks of food, then insert the pointed tip into the hole across the frame. This way the entire frame can be flipped over at once. Measuring 13 by 10-1/4 inches when open for grilling, the frame conveniently folds in half by means of a hinge for compact storage. The nonstick finish makes clean-up easy. To ensure longevity of the finish, washing by hand is recommended.

Our Price: $8.95
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Easy Kebab Loader

This world class Kebab loader makes it easy to design, season, baste, and skewer kebabs in advance for the ultimate experience !!! The loader has six channels where you can add each item all in one convenient place. This device allows you to prepare the kebabs before your event and store them in a convenient carrying case until you're ready for them. Insert seasonings, sauces, ingredients and let them saute overnight. Your friends will thank you greatly !!!

Our Price: $14.95
Stock Info: 11 In Stock
Double Prong Skewers SS, Wood Handle, Push Bar (4PK)

Making Kebabs? Make it easy with these double prong skewers complete with a wood handle and a push bar. They stay on the stick easier with the double prongs and you can push them off the skewer without burning your fingers. Get Yours Today !!!!!

Our Price: $9.95
Stock Info: 6 In Stock
Citation 5 1/2" Acrylic Pepper Mill

Made from crystal clear acrylic, this pepper mill has the appearance of glass, but is lighter and safer. This pepper mill is fitted with a durable, ceramic grinding mechanism that will last through many uses and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about a faulty product. Filled with Malabar black pepper, white peppers, this pepper mill is ready to be used! Product Specifications Height: 5 1/2 Inches Color: Clear Material: Acrylic Mechanism: Stainless Steel Shape: Round To clean your salt and pepper mills, wipe clean with a damp cloth or polish with a soft cloth for wooden mills. Do not use alcohol, strong detergents, abrasives, or any kind of solvents to clean the mill. Do not immerse the mills in water and do not place them in a dishwasher. ** Since salt is a corrosive mineral, using salt in a pepper mill may lead to corrosion of the internal grinding mechanism. Salt mills are specifically designed with ceramic or nylon mechanisms to avoid corrosion.

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Basters Choice

This professional quality set is perfect when you need to baste your meal before, during, and after removing it from the grill. Included in this kit are the following products. 1) One quart, machine washable sauce pot 2) SlatherMaster Sauce Mop 3) 12 inch Beechwood Spoon 4) 12 inch Stainless Steel tongs 5) Basting Brush with 2 inch wide slanted head and 12 inch handle 6) Hand Towel (in case you spill) The pot is machine washable, the mop and beechwood spoon should be hand washed due to the wooden handle.

Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 7 In Stock

Grilling basket for 4 kabobs that includes push bar on each skewer. Comes with a patented finger grip wood handle This tool allows you the following: 1) Cook 4 kabobs at one time 2) Built-in pusher for removing cooked food 3) Perfect for meat, poultry, seafood & vegetables 4) Comfort grip handle Available for ordering today !!!!!!

Our Price: $5.95
Stock Info: 6 In Stock
15" Chrome BBQ Skewers, 4 PCS

15" CHROME BBQ SKEWERS, 4 PCS This is a great skewer set for grilling items over an open flame. Each package contains the following: 1) 15-Inch chrome bbq skewers 2) 4-Piece set 3) Ideal for kabobs, meats and marshmallows 4) Heavy duty chrome plated steel 5) Easy to clean AVAILABLE TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Price: $2.49
Stock Info: 9 In Stock
10" Eco-Friendly Bamboo Skewers

This 10" bamboo skewer is the ideal addition to any establishment grilling satay, mixed shish kabobs, or fresh vegetables! You can even use it to skewer fresh fruit for fruit kabobs. Skewers allow you to choose the ingredients and create a masterpiece that's fun to look at and delicious to eat, and this size is perfect for offering small, sample-sized portions. Each packet contains 100 skewers. The possibilities are endless!

Our Price: $1.49
Stock Info: 60 In Stock

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