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Gus's Gift Ideas

Gus's Gift Ideas

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The Last Brush - Case (36)

Grill Cleaning Brush Extraordinaire - 36 Brushes - Long Steel Bristles (1 inch) - Steel Scraper Head - 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle - Leather Strap For Hanging - Inexpensive Too - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Price: $396.00
Stock Info: 8 In Stock
The Last Brush (Dozen)

Grill Cleaning Brush Extraordinaire - Dozen This is the ultimate grill cleaning brush designed to clean BBQ grills while HOT and without being burned. Other brushes all have the same problem, short bristles, a short handle, grease splatter on your clothing, and a short life expectancy. This is the last brush you'll ever want to use. Not all barbeque brushes are created equal so we took the bull by the horns and developed the best brush money can buy. For the finest grill brushes and cooking accessories, choose TheLastBrush. Grill cleaning has never been easier using this brush! Either, remove all residue from your grilling surface with the enlarged scraper blade, then finish brush your grill completely clean or brush clean the surface under heat. It's QUICK, EASY, and EFFECTIVE! Our products are engineered for maximum performance with the following features: - Long Steel Bristles (1 inch) - Steel Scraper Head - 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle - Leather Strap For Hanging - Inexpensive Too - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Price: $156.00
Stock Info: 9 In Stock
The Last Brush

This Grill Cleaning Brush Extraordinaire has the following features you will not find on store bought products: - Long Steel Bristles (1 inch) - Steel Scraper Head - 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle - Leather Strap For Hanging - Long Lasting - Inexpensive - Satisfaction Guaranteed - No heat transfer through the handle You will NEVER buy any other brush !!!

Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 10 In Stock
11 Reviews / 4.5 Avg
Smoker, Grill, and Oven Mits (Pair)  - Green

Flame Retardant Oven Mitts (pair) in Green - 15 inches Designed to keep your kitchen staff safe from accidental burns or injuries, these Choice 15" flame-retardant oven mitts provide superior protection from exposure to both hot ovens or open flames. Use these versatile items to handle freshly baked pies, cooked casseroles, steamed vegetables, and more, all with incredible ease! Each mitt is also ambidextrous, allowing users to quickly slip them on either hand for quick and easy use in any fast-paced kitchen setting.

Our Price: $6.99
Stock Info: 10 In Stock

For those sauce lovers, you need a good mop to coat and paint your meat. Here is the perfect tool for when it's time to slather up your masterpiece. Use this 12 inch mop to get sauce in all the cracks, crevasses, and crevices. This can be used with practically any liquid you want to paint meat with. Because of the wooden handle, we recommend you hand wash it because you know how messy sauces can be - and wood doesn't do well in dishwashers. We've also used this mop for washing dishes. The long handle allows you to get deep inside places where your hand can't fit PLUS, if you like your water really hot, this is the tool. We recommend this mop with all our sauces or for cleanup !!!!!!

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 32 In Stock
Slash & Serve Meat Claws / Pair

Slash & Serve Meat Claws for the predator/slasher in us all. GRAB, LIFT, AND SHRED LARGE CUTS OF MEAT with this fantastic tool. Here's how these babies work: 1) Slide your fingers between the blades for a firm grip and shred roasts and other large pieces of meat in seconds! 2) Heavy-duty stainless steel 3) Dishwasher safe These are perfect when pulling apart large cuts of meat. The handle is much more stable than other meat claws and you really can grip and tear the meat without the claw moving around. You'll look like the Predator while pulling the meat apart !!!

Our Price: $13.95
Stock Info: 18 In Stock
Single Point Ice Pick

Single point ice pick is exactly what you need for breaking up ice, perforating meat, and just about anything your imagination can think of as it relates to cooking. Is made with a wooden handle for a good grip when your hands are wet. Hand Wash this unit Only.

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 23 In Stock
Sauce & Bean Pot with Mop

High quality metal Sauce and Bean Pot combination with Sauce Mop. Grillmasters who sauce their meat will appreciate this combination. This pot is perfect for putting on the grill and keeping the sauce warm. The same holds true for beans. Put them in the pot and keep them warm along with the meat. Perfect combination for anyone brave enough to fire up that grill. The pot is machine washable, the mop should be hand washed due to the wooden handle.

Our Price: $15.99
Stock Info: 7 In Stock
Rub, Sauce, & Claw Special - 32oz

This is the ideal sauce, seasoning, and rhen/tear package for making pulled pork (or any type) sandwiches. The sauce and rub containing tropical fruits that break down while cooking and delivering that "WOW" flavor. The pair of stainless steel claws let you separate the meat for those perfect sliders, hoagie, burgers, or whatever you want to call a sammich. Roasting a pig, having a luau? These are the perfect seasonings for Pork and we stand behind it. Available with 5, 16, or 32oz bottle of rub !!! Includes Claws, Seasoning, & Sauce !!!!!!! This pack comes with a 32oz bottle of rub, a 16oz bottle of sauce, and a pair of claws.

Our Price: $26.95
Stock Info: 9 In Stock

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