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Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue Accessories

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The Last Brush

This Grill Cleaning Brush Extraordinaire has the following features you will not find on store bought products: - Long Steel Bristles (1 inch) - Steel Scraper Head - 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle - Leather Strap For Hanging - Long Lasting - Inexpensive - Satisfaction Guaranteed - No heat transfer through the handle You will NEVER buy any other brush !!!

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For those sauce lovers, you need a good mop to coat and paint your meat. Here is the perfect tool for when it's time to slather up your masterpiece. Use this 12 inch mop to get sauce in all the cracks, crevasses, and crevices. This can be used with practically any liquid you want to paint meat with. Because of the wooden handle, we recommend you hand wash it because you know how messy sauces can be - and wood doesn't do well in dishwashers. We've also used this mop for washing dishes. The long handle allows you to get deep inside places where your hand can't fit PLUS, if you like your water really hot, this is the tool. We recommend this mop with all our sauces or for cleanup !!!!!!

Our Price: $2.99
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LONG Leather BBQ Gloves

LONG LEATHER BBQ GLOVES These are the perfect gloves for grillmasters to use while preparing food. The superior features of these gloves are as follows: 1) Extra long to protect your arm and hand while reaching into hot places 2) Perfect for backyard grilling or camping 3) Comfortable fit 4) Soft & pliable for an easy grasp of whatever you're grabbing 5) Can also use for wood stoves and fireplaces

Our Price: $18.95
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Butane Lighter With Safety Lock

Butane Lighter with Lock Perfect for barbecues, camping, candles, fireplaces and gas stoves, this butane lighter has a flame adjusting lighter, making it your solution for reaching hard-to-light places. It features a child-resistant safety trigger to help keep young ones safe. 1) Child-resistant safety trigger 2) Flame adjusting lever 3) Reaches hard-to-light places

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 7 In Stock
  Flexible Neck Butane Lighter With Safety Lock

Flexible Neck Butane Lighter With Safety Lock. Great for reaching into places too warm for the naked hand. With this patented Flexible Neck Butane Lighter any grill can be lit with comfort and ease! Child Safety Approved for worry free grilling! Features: 1) Child-resistant safety trigger 2) Flame adjusting lever 3) Reached hard to light places 4) Keeps hand away from flames

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Grill Cleaning Kit

TheLastBrush Grill Cleaning Brush and Grill Cleaning Solution for getting inside all those hard to reach places and loosening up any stubborn grease and dirt. Just spray it on, go and grab something to drink, and banish that grease and dirt into oblivion. Grill cleaning solution comes in a 24oz bottle with a spray nozzle. For BBQ grills (internal and external), grates, ovens, microwaves, pots/pans, porcelain, ceramic ware, stainless steel, rotisseries and burner drip pans. (Includes SlatherMaster)

Our Price: $24.95
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3" Marble Mortar and Pestle Set

3" Marble Mortar and Pestle Set Add fresh, hand-ground herbs and spices to your homemade-inspired dishes your customers love with this marble mortar and pestle set! With this mortar and pestle set, you can expertly crush, grind, and blend ingredients to give your recipes the personalized touch your competitors are missing! Grinding herbs fresh, rather than using dried herbs from a bottle, adds more flavor to your recipes. The mortar features a 3" diameter and, along with the accompanying pestle, is made of marble. This means you're getting a highly durable product with natural good looks. Plus, both pieces feature a glazed exterior which add to the already stunning look. Use this set to add freshly ground cilantro to your mild salsa or create a basil pesto sauce for your signature pasta dish! Whatever the recipe it is, this mortar and pestle set is a must-have tool for any kitchen! Specs Height 3 Inches Pestle Length 4 1/4 Inches Top Diameter 3 Inches Color Gray Material Marble Shape Round Type Mortar and Pestles

Our Price: $7.99
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Two Pack Kit - Single NON-STICK Kebab Baskets

Kebab's anyone? Here's a 2 PACK KIT - SINGLE NON-STICK KABOB BASKETS Long Handle For Easy On/Off Use Use this basket next time you make Kebabs and you'll be able to baste them as well. The long handle is perfect for making sure you aren't burned !!! Order Yours Today !!!!!!!

Our Price: $9.95
Stock Info: 6 In Stock

INSTANT READ THERMOMETER This Digital Instant Read Thermometer, by Blue Rhino, features a full length probe with protective cover that snaps in place. This thermometer can be used for Fahrenheit or Celsius and requires 1-LR44 battery that is included.

Our Price: $9.95
Stock Info: 6 In Stock

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