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Gus's Grilling Hardware

Gus's Grilling Hardware

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Two Pack Kit - Single NON-STICK Kebab Baskets

Kebab's anyone? Here's a 2 PACK KIT - SINGLE NON-STICK KABOB BASKETS Long Handle For Easy On/Off Use Use this basket next time you make Kebabs and you'll be able to baste them as well. The long handle is perfect for making sure you aren't burned !!! Order Yours Today !!!!!!!

Our Price: $9.95
Stock Info: 6 In Stock
Stainless Steel Garlic Press with Scraper

Vacu Vin 6883660 Stainless Steel Garlic Press with Scraper This nifty gadget features a unique scrape level that helps to remove the garlic from the tool - which means you won't have to get out a toothpick to clean it when you're done cooking! This feature also helps with sanitation, as your hands will never have to come in contact with the pressed garlic. The scrape level is a vibrant green color, which makes this tool not only useful, but also an attractive addition to your countertop! Stainless steel Can be hung from the wall by a wall hook Unique scrape level helps keep tool clean Attractive design Able to press several cloves of garlic at once

Our Price: $18.95
Stock Info: 10 In Stock
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Stackable 1.25 oz. Glass Ingredient Bowl Set (6)

This 1.25 oz. ingredient bowl from Arcoroc is made of fully tempered glass. The tempering process strengthens the entirety of the glass against thermal and mechanical shock, so especially hot and cold liquids are not a problem for this bowl. Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 2 1/3" Bottom Diameter: 1" Capacity: 1.25 oz. Six Bowls in Set Dishwasher Safe Ideal for seasonings and sauces

Our Price: $8.95
Stock Info: 14 In Stock
Smoking Chip Bucket

This is a Galvanized Steel bucket you can use to soak your chips in for smoking your item of choice. This bucket holds two quarts of chips and can ride right on the grill if you choose. It comes with an attached easy to grip steel handle. The bucket is machine washable and is proudly made in America.

Our Price: $8.95
Stock Info: 7 In Stock
Slash & Serve Meat Claws / Pair

Slash & Serve Meat Claws for the predator/slasher in us all. GRAB, LIFT, AND SHRED LARGE CUTS OF MEAT with this fantastic tool. Here's how these babies work: 1) Slide your fingers between the blades for a firm grip and shred roasts and other large pieces of meat in seconds! 2) Heavy-duty stainless steel 3) Dishwasher safe These are perfect when pulling apart large cuts of meat. The handle is much more stable than other meat claws and you really can grip and tear the meat without the claw moving around. You'll look like the Predator while pulling the meat apart !!!

Our Price: $13.95
Stock Info: 18 In Stock
Single Point Ice Pick

Single point ice pick is exactly what you need for breaking up ice, perforating meat, and just about anything your imagination can think of as it relates to cooking. Is made with a wooden handle for a good grip when your hands are wet. Hand Wash this unit Only.

Our Price: $2.99
Stock Info: 23 In Stock
Rosewood Spatula

Long, Strong, & Sturdy The Big Head Spatula has a 5-inch square stainless steel head with a serrated cutting edge on one side. This big head spatula is 20 inches long and is perfect for shoveling and moving meat around the grill. This spatula comes with a Rosewood handle and is NOT machine washable for that reason. *** Hand Wash Only ***

Our Price: $8.95
Stock Info: 11 In Stock
Rosewood Handled Toolset

Some of the finest tools I've ever used were made with Rosewood handles. What's nice about these products are they are beautiful and they do NOT transfer heat. This set consists of a the following: 17 inch, two prong Fork Professional Meathook Wide blade spatula for getting under and turning tough items like burgers We think this is the set you would want in your grilling arsenal *** Hand Wash Only ***

Our Price: $19.95
Stock Info: 12 In Stock
Rosewood Handled Meat Hook

This meat hook is a favorite tool of pit masters everywhere. Made with a beautiful Rosewood handle, this stainless steel meat hook is used to flip large roasts or check on grill marks. It's very handy for flipping Chicken or Pork around the grill. Materials: Rosewood, Stainless Steel Dimensions: 18.75" This is a MUST HAVE for cooking inside or outside *** Hand Wash Only ***

Our Price: $11.95
Stock Info: 11 In Stock

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