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Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle

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Chum Pot

This is a clip on pot for adding chum or other fish attractants and directing the big ones to YOUR bait.... The concept is really simple. Load the pot with anything you would like to use as chum, clip it to the sinker or wherever you want the slick in the water column, and over the side you go. On a long soak, you can clip it to the line, release it, and let the current do what it does. Fish get excited when they get in the slick and will follow your line right to the bait. Works wonders getting chum into the water column and is deadly effective on transient fish looking for a quick snack !!!! The Chum Pot is available in packs of five for one low price.

Our Price: $8.95
Stock Info: 25 In Stock
Ganion - 10 Hook

We have elevated the lowly Ganion to a real fish catching machine. <BR> <BR> Traditional Ganions are disposable and lose as many fish as they catch and we have solved that problem. Fish loss happens when fish spin off while being reeled to the surface, and their mouths are torn to shreds. This often leads to fish coming off down deep or when they get close to the surface allowing you to watch them float away or to the surface to be eaten by birds or something else. Rock-fish often float up with their mouth wide open causing them to spin tearing larger holes in the lip and coming off when there is the slightest amount of slack in the line. This multi hook Ganion is for deep water fishing and has been tied with barrel swivels to prevent fish from twisting off during retrieve. The swivels allow for easy hook(s) replacement should one become bent, broken, or dull. Comes in a pack of three for one low price and are ready to fish (minus your favorite chum). Fish don't see color deep so bead color will vary.

Our Price: $11.99
Stock Info: 30 In Stock

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