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Adult / Romance Novels

Adult / Romance Novels

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The Things We Do for Love - Used (Good)

New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah âtouches the deepest, most tender corner of our heartsâ (Tami Hoag). Her last novel, Between Sisters, was chosen by CBSâs The Early Show as one of the best books of the summer. Now she returns with The Things We Do for Love - a poignant, evocative story that celebrates the magic of motherhood, the joys of coming home, and the price we so willingly pay for love. The youngest of three daughters, Angela DeSaria Malone was always âthe princessâ of the family, a girl who thought she knew how her life would unfold. High School. College. Marriage. Motherhood. That was how it had gone for her sisters, her cousins, her friends. But it didnât work out that way for Angie. She and her husband tried desperately to have a child; year after year, their perfectly decorated nursery remained empty. Finally, their marriage collapsed under the weight of lost dreams. After the divorce, Angie moved back to her hometown and rejoined her loud, loving, slightly crazy family. In West End, a place where life rises and falls in time with the tides, she will find the man who once again will open her heart to love . . . and meet the girl who will change Angieâs life. Lauren Ribido lives in a rundown apartment in a bad part of town with a mother who cares more about her next drink than about her daughter. At seventeen, Lauren knows that her aspirations in life may never come to pass. From the moment they meet, Angie sees something special in Lauren. They form a quick connection, this woman who is desperate for a daughter and the girl who has never known a motherâs love. When Lauren is abandoned by her mother, Angie doesnât hesitate to offer the girl a place to stay.

Our Price: $5.00
Well, This Is Exhausting (HC) - Used (Good)

GQ sex columnist Benoit debuts with a riotous collection of essays illuminating her rocky path to self-acceptance. More than anything, she notes, âItâs the story of how I learned how to be good for myself rather than for other people.â Starting with her 1990s childhood, Benoit writes candidly about her life as an overachieving youth in Kirkwood, Mo.; her years as a worrisome college student; and her eventual transformation to burgeoning young feminist. After her parents divorced when she was young, she and her sister bounced back and forth between their mom and dadâs lofty expectations, which always caused âa film of blame.â This led to extraordinary anxiety for Benoit, which followed her throughout her adolescence, as she aimed to please everyone but herself. But after trying everything from reinventing herself as a âchill girlâ working at a hockey warehouse to being a beta tester in college for the dating app Bumbleâwhich was âfull of filthy-hot menââshe discovered Twitter and an army of female comedians railing against lousy dudes and finally realized a manâs approval wasnât all itâs cracked up to be. âI had reached another plane of existence and that existence was âIf you fucking speak to me, Iâll murder you.âââ Heartening and hilarious, this is prime summer reading material.

Our Price: $11.00
Outer Banks (HC) Anne Rivers Siddons - Used (Good)

Kate Lee and four of her '60s sorority sisters return to the North Carolina setting where they spent two spring breaks during their college years. Kate, Ginger Fowler, Cecie Hart and Georgina - a. K. A. Fig - Newton were bound by an extremely strong early friendship. Now they are trying to recapture that special time and resolve the pain that caused them to drift apart. This is Siddons' seventh novel and eighth book .

Our Price: $7.00

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