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Flaming Fiend BBQ Sauce - 16oz

Flaming Fiend BBQ Sauce - 16oz
"Flaming Fiend" is only the beginning of a sinister experience. This sauce is good and after you have had this sauce, you'll glad you gave it a try. Properly aged to perfection and ready to be slathered onto your meat. This sauce is made with NO additives or preservatives. Refridgerate after opening.

When your meat is almost ready, warm this sauce and liberally slather it all over the meat. This formula brings several flavors to the table and we hope you lile it. We make this sauce to taste both spicy and sweet and that is always good for a nod.

We recommend you generously slather the sauce on the meat 1/2 hour before removing it from the fire.

Now what really makes this sauce so special is we made it taste phenomenal with no additives or preservatives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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